Hoshi Hikaru Edit

  • Name:Hikaru Hoshi (星ヒカル)
  • Age:15
  • Gender:Female
  • Height: 170.68 cm (5'6 feet)
  • Weight: 53.97 kg ( 119 lbs)
  • Ulquorraet10
  • Signature item: Apple

Bio Edit

Hoshi is SRC01 the first utauloid in the series.She was born into a none wealthy life and struggled in childhood.She still maintained the Feeling to smile everyday.She was known to cheer people up.
Hoshi Hikaru
(All credit goes to Zalandurthoth for the picture ^^)

Downloads Edit

ACT 1: download lost

ACT 2: Click to download

ACT 3:  Click to download here

ACT 4: Download here → Click

Character Relationships Edit

Tsumetai: Friend

Chimeitei:Frienemies (Enemies and Friends)

Nekoshi Hikaru: Neko self

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